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Month: November 2015

Social media credit scoring: 7 questions to FriendlyScore’s Maciej

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In October 2007 – I was just through the door of my apartment, having a letter in my hand. From an insurances company I had just signed a contract for a private liability insurance. I signed it online being sure I will not have any issue getting the contract signed from them as well. Costs were about 50 € per year. Even for me as a student: no biggy to pay. But I was living in Berlin Neukölln (before it got super hipster-ish) and was a student with low income. I never had any debt in my life. I always paid my rent and bills with German punctuality. But it happened – I didn’t get the insurance I signed up for. I received a big fat NOOOO! No explanation. It must have been the scoring agency telling them this girl is not living in the right corner of Berlin.

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Banks and FinTechs watch out! Never forget to disrupt the disruption.

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Disruption. A word as omnipresent as Donald Trump ever since he came up with the idea of being the next president of the USA. I want to start with an anecdote. If you hate anecdotes please guiltlessly skip to the next paragraph, and the point will catch up to you. For those that like to stop and smell the roses here goes: Continue reading

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