Nadja Schlössel

Dear Reader,

I am Nadja. Freshly imported to my new home New Zealand, working as Chief Operating Officer for RIP Global (Yeah you’ll find a blog post from precisely that company here.) Also just finished my sabbatical – building a camper van out of a trade’s van with my own bare hands. It is working! Before that, I was working as Head of Product Strategy for Banking Service Provider figo in Hamburg, Germany. Used to be an Innovation Consultant within the financial services industry & once was a bookseller, too. So life has taken me to different places. I like to think that it shaped me to be the unconventional thinker I am now. I am also a Blogger and Mentor @ FinTech Forum DACH. In real life, you can meet me at a lot of industry events throughout Europe NZL and the Asia Pacific.

Moreover, if you happen to discover me talking in a panel, doing one of my – hopefully as entertaining as insightful – presentations or just quietly listening to one or the other myself, then get over and say hi! Please feel free to connect on your preferred channel, too. You can find me on twitter @Ypsilon_Zett and LinkedIn. Also, if you ever happen to meet me, maybe we can even start having meaningful conversations in real life!

P.S. I might also start blogging again, soon.

LATERILicious Thinker | Innovation Expert | Strategist | Critical Mind

“Does this have to be like this?”

“Nope. Never”

Enjoy reading the posts!