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Millennials: The ultimate subjective 5 facts guide to understanding their decision making

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Born in 1980, I was one of the first Millennials, not that I knew it at the time. I was an early adopter. And now everyone in finance is finally talking about my kind, my generation. Others call me an expert in innovations within the banking and insurance industry: my job is giving advice on how to be better – digitally better, more engaging, more innovative. But this guide is truly and only subjective. I might have some of my own research and the research conducted by others in the back of my mind – occupational hazard. Nevertheless, this is supposed to be personal. And I feel entitled by one lesson I have learned in my life: the more personal you speak, the more general you end up being.

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Banks and FinTechs watch out! Never forget to disrupt the disruption.

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Disruption. A word as omnipresent as Donald Trump ever since he came up with the idea of being the next president of the USA. I want to start with an anecdote. If you hate anecdotes please guiltlessly skip to the next paragraph, and the point will catch up to you. For those that like to stop and smell the roses here goes: Continue reading

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